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Bringing Fundraising into TODAY's World!

Have Questions?

Here you will find the answers to questions about our fundraising program. For more detailed information and personal assistance, please call our toll-free number above.

  • Q: Why should I choose IzzeBiz Fundraising?

    A: Rather than the same old cookie dough, candy bars, or magazine subscriptions that seldom help your group raise the funds you need,IzzeBiz© fundraising offers you a much healthier and safer way to enjoy your best fundraiser ever! New and exciting, high-demand technology items that all supporters of your group will trust and want to buy.

       IzzeBiz©also offers you a fully publicized selling event with a NEW and exciting line of high-demand cell phone accessories and cool technology items that supporters buy and use every day.

       Prices are comparable to those in retail stores such as Best Buy and other similar retailers. Also consider these products sell well at sign-in tables at school and church functions, sporting events, etc.

       Online ordering and a new and exciting Gift Card option (coming soon!) along with ongoing monthly income options for your group make IzzeBiz©the ideal solution for your group.

  • Q: Do we have to sort customer orders?

    A: No! Instead of just throwing your orders in a big box and shipping them off to you,IzzeBiz© will individually package your order by seller. This makes it easy for you to have your fundraising meeting and hand each seller a bag or bag(s) each filled with individually packaged orders for each customer...so you just hand out the bags and your team they simply delivers the individual orders.

  • Q: When can we run an IzzeBiz© Fundraiser?

    A: Anytime! Now,IzzeBiz© helps make your fundraiser MUCH more fun, easy and efficient any time of the year and at any time you need to raise money for your group.  Even a spontaneous fundraiser can help pay for your trips when your team wins the championship or your church has a family with an immediate need.

       First, with IzzeBiz© a new catalog is released 2-3 times a year PLUS IzzeBiz© now offers a gift card program to allow your supporters to make purchases for up to two full years!  (And you get paid your 30% with the fundraiser check!)

       When you set up your first fundraiser, on the “Create Your Fundraiser” form you can select a button to keep the ordering open after the fundraiser end date. That selection will allow supporters to order year round and a monthly check will go out to your group throughout the school year (or all year long).

       If your group qualifies for the FREE Publicity program, a minimum of 3-4 weeks advance notice is required.

  • Q: How long does a Fundraising sale last?

    A: We recommend a selling period for your fundraiser of 10 days - 2 weeks.

  • Q: Can we do two or more fundraisers during the year?

    A: Yes. Many groups for example have chosen to run both a fall and spring program with IzzeBiz© Fundraising. Others may want to do a summer program for special summer events. Because we offer four totally unique product offerings designed for the season, our groups will find that our technology based products are current and include many exciting new items so they always sell well.

  • Q: Does IzzeBiz© limit the number of sales in a given area?

    A: IzzeBiz® does not limit areas, but, since we publicize events for many different groups, your local sales consultant can help to coordinate your fundraiser sale at a time where there is little conflict with other groups in the area.

       This way, you can maximize your exposure in the media by booking your events early. You will also want to book now for upcoming events throughout the year. This will lock in your media coverage exclusivity in case of multiple events for different causes are in place.

  • Q: Does my group have to be tax-exempt or non-profit in order to participate?

    A: IzzeBiz® fundraising campaigns can be run by any non-profit organization as well as groups that are raising money for the sole purpose of a good cause or enhancing their program.

       Please ask us about our co-sponsorship campaigns for larger campaigns and unique opportunities for  donor charities

       The guidelines for what does, and does not qualify are posted  here.

  • Q: How does the product pricing compare to retail?

    A: This is the true key to the success of the IzzeBiz© fundraising program. In most cases, our product reflects the price that you will find in most retail stores.

  • Q. How do your prices compare to “Big-Box Stores”?

    A: Our price points are all very close to retail....If someone is comparing "cost" to big box stores they do not understand we are helping your group with a very good cause to raise money for something you need. To discount prices would extremely limit the potential for our fundraising groups to raise money for their cause.

  • Q. Do you offer free products with purchase or discounts?

    A: No we do not offer a free product with purchase. Again, we are not retailers with "deals". We want our valued fundraisers to make money.

  • Q: What type of support do I receive?

    A: As the Chairperson or event leader, you will be assigned an IzzeBiz© fundraising consultant to help you through the entire sale. IzzeBiz® will provide:

        • Help setting dates and in setting up your fundraiser and publicity campaign.
    • Online Fundraiser Sales Packets to hand out to sellers.
    • Online Supporter Letter easily personalized and sent to parents, parishioners, and former supporters.
    • E-mail confirmation of online orders entered, along with Invoice.
    • Automated motivational emails sent to your supporters and all team members.
    • E-mail notification of orders shipped, along with tracking information.
    • 800 number and access to our exciting information packed IzzeBiz© Fundraising Central Client Portal.

  • Q: What is FREE Publicity?

    A: IzzeBiz© Fundraising is the first and only fundraising firm to offer a full blown publicity campaign to our fundraising clients. This is currently a FREE trial promotion to verify the results based on the substantial added cost to IzzeBiz. If you are reading this you probably qualify. This publicity is designed to highly publicize your event throughout your community and enhance the results of your campaign.

       This is a full blown publicity program for your group. It will include press releases, outreach, and one or more of the following; radio, television, newspaper, internet, blogs, listings in the local community calendars, etc. That is why we require at least a 3 weeks in advance notice to allow time for our publicists and researchers to create your releases and adequate time for our Outreach team to contact and work with the media. The more advance time prior to your launch, the more coverage will result for your group.(Note: PR firms often charge $2,000 to $5,000 for this same service).

       To qualify, you must first have completed the Create Your Fundraiser form a minimum of 3+ weeks prior to your launch and have attached a high resolution photo of your spokesperson, plus photos of your school, church or logo.

       Publicity is available to qualified groups and subject to availability.

  • Q: Can our customers order over the internet?

    A: Yes, IzzeBiz© Fundraising realizes the importance of having online sales. IzzeBiz© requires your team and supporters to have your group ID # to start shopping which is easily found in our simple registration process. Click "Start Shopping" from home-page. Best of all, your Organization earns profit from each purchase.

  • Q: What costs are involved? Shipping? Sales Tax?

    A: There are no up-front costs to run an IzzeBiz© fundraiser sale. IzzeBiz© will even provide you with a private online portal to confirm your orders for processing. There is no shipping charge and sales tax is typically not required but, even though you may be a non-profit, we encourage you to check with your local tax agencies to determine your responsibility to your State.

  • Q: How do I get more order forms or sales packets?

    A: A wide range of easily printable sales materials, catalogs and forms are available to be personalized and printed on a local printer or sent off to a local print shop. These are found in your private IzzeBiz© Fundraising Central Portal. Additional sales materials are available through your consultant. Although most orders may be placed online, printable Order forms are always available online at www.izzebizundraising.com.

  • Q: When do we collect our money for orders?

    A: IzzeBiz© accepts all major credit cards, PayPal, cash or check. For online orders payment is easily made by credit card or Pay Pal at the time of the order. For sales made at events and to parents, supporters, etc., we recommend the collection of all money at the time the orders are taken. These orders may be in the form of cash, check, credit card and PayPal. These funds should be paid to you so when you place your final orders you can pay this outstanding balance with your groups credit card or By eCheck from your bank account.

  • Q: How long will it take for our order to ship?

    A: IzzeBiz© is able to process and ship most orders within 21 days from the time we receive your orders and payment at our Online Order Processing Center. Click here for our Service Guarantee

  • Q. How soon do we get our money from our fundraiser?

    A: We know you need your money! Therefore IzzeBiz© submits your total fundraiser check to your group within 5 business days from date your final order is placed and invoice is paid.

  • Q. What is your refund policy?

    A: Refund Policy - Any item found to be defective in any way may be exchanged or credited toward the purchase of any item in the current IzzeBiz Fundraising catalog by returning the item to providing written notice to online@IzzeBizFundraising.com email within 10 days of receipt of the defective item. We reserve the right to substitute any item due to unavailability with one of equal or greater value. If an item cannot be substituted, we reserve the right to issue a refund at the invoice price. Due to the payout of funds to the non-profit organizations’ we serve, IzzeBiz Fundraising does not issue cash refunds. Our REFUND POLICY is also shown on the SHOP page and order form.

  • Q: How do I handle payment/profit?

    A: Once your submit your closing order for each campaign, after IzzeBiz© has processed your order, you will receive an e-mail with your group summary and an attached hard copy of your invoice for all unpaid orders. This invoice will breakdown:

       a. Total Retail Sales
    b. Group Profit
    c. Subtotal (total retail sale minus profit amount)
    d. Listing of Prize Winners (along with the prizes they have requested)
    e. Shipping Charges (Typically NA)
    f. Taxes (Only if applicable)
    g. Total Amount Due to IzzeBiz© and ways to submit your payment for any balance due from cash payments!
    h. Your total funds are paid to your group within 5 business days from date order is placed and invoice is paid.

  • Q: What forms of payment are accepted?

    A: IzzeBiz© accepts checks, money orders, (ACH) electronic payments from your checking or savings account and the following major credit cards, Master Card, Visa, American Express and Discover. If paying by credit card or if you would like to make an electronic payment using your checking account or savings account; please call 1-844-IzzeBiz (844-499-3249). If mailing a check or money order use the following address: IzzeBiz© Fundraising - 4000 Hollywood Blvd Suite 555-S - Hollywood, FL 33021 Do not send cash.

  • Q: How would I make a payment with a credit card or with my checking/savings account?

    A: Call our corporate office at 1-844-IzzeBiz (844-499-3249) to place your order. This easy payment option is available to you M-F – 8 am – 5 pm EST. Please have your customer number, payment amount and credit card number (with 3 digit CVV code) or your 9 digit ABA/Routing number and bank account number available.

  • Q: How do I handle late orders?

    A: IzzeBiz© is happy to process any late orders. Any order coming in to IzzeBiz© after receipt of the original order, will be considered a late order and will be subject to shipping charges. You will receive an e-mail invoice and a hard copy invoice for any late orders placed.

  • Q: How do I handle missing or defective items?

    A: Claims can be handled by:

       a. Using our Claims/adjustment form attached to your shipping notification. You may e-mail form to     FundraisingClaim@izzebiz.com, or mail this form in to our order processing center. IzzeBiz© Fundraising Claims IzzeBiz©     Fundraising - 4000 Hollywood Blvd Suite 555-S - Hollywood, FL 33021
    b. Complete and Submit Claims form on line at your online access to Fundraising Central. You will find this form under your Resources Tab     and select Claims Form.
    c. Contact your area sales consultant or contact service at 1-844-IzzeBiz (844-499-3249)

  • Q: How do I make changes to my order?

    A: Any changes to your order, once placed, including set up, dates, names or addresses, can be handled through your personal sales consultant.

  • Q: How can you offer 30% back to the fundraising sponsor?

    A: The purpose of this program is for you to make as much money as possible. So we factor in 30% back to your group first when developing our purchase price. We work hard to keep our overhead low to ensure our 40% guarantee is met.

  • Q: Can we make more than 30%?

    A: Yes you can. We offer a generous Incentives/Rewards Program to every fundraiser.

  • Q: What is covered in Izzebiz 60%?

    A: We charge within $1 of fair market pricing. We are the only fundraising organization to provide to EVERY qualified fundraiser a free full-blown Publicity package for their launch (PR firms charge $2,000 to $5,000 for this same service). We provide free shipping of group orders. We assign a fundraising consultant to walk you through your first event and maintain a full customer service support team to deal with any concerns.

  • Q: What are your shipping charges?

    A: Other than special orders or campaigns, our shipping is always included free of charge.

  • Q: What are your IzzeBiz© professional memberships?

    A: The organizations of which we are already a member of are listed on the bottom of every page on the website along with their logo.

  • Q: Where is your headquarters?

    A: The official corporate address is 4000 Hollywood Blvd Suite 555-S, Hollywood Florida 33021. It is on the footer in every page on the website. We also have in various development stages, sixteen(16) IzzeBiz© Area Corporate Headquarters and Training Centers as well as Area Distribution Centers to provide more localized services and support to our valued fundraising organizations.

  • Q. Who should I call if I have questions?

    A: Please call us at 1-844-IzzeBiz (844-499-3249). Please listen to the listing of Area locations and follow the prompts to find your local area headquarters if available.

  • Q: How soon can I start?

    A: If you are qualified for our FREE publicity campaign then IzzeBiz© needs a minimum of 3+ weeks after you register and create your fundraiser dates to allow time for your publicity team time to create and distribute your materials and to work with the media on your behalf.

    However, If you need to launch a fundraiser right away, we can have you up and running in 2 or 3 days and show you how to get the word out fast!

  • Q. How do I sign-up?

    A: Go here to register and schedule your groups’ first fundraiser:


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